Samsung’s New Touch screen IP65 Smart Panel Monitor

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The touch screen iP65 is a new product from Samsung that provides the advantages of touch screen technology but at a more affordable price. The screen is touch sensitive and can be used as a stylus for more precise control. The touch screen iP65 has a native resolution of 1600 x900 with171 pixels per inch and integrated TFT active light technology with an improved over-gloss transfer function. The user can choose between black and white, grayscale, sepia and color and also support dual touch. It has a built-in Windows operating system, which is pre-loaded with Microsoft Office software and Flash applications.

touch screen ip65

Samsung’s touch screen iP65 has a very advanced touch sensitive layer that operates on low battery power in low temperature and touch pressure. The screen has an easy-to-feel metallic surface with a non-reflective, liquid crystal on glass touch screen and a high contrast ratio. The touchscreen is touch sensitive and has an improved capacitance that guarantees superb clarity and definition, and a high level of brightness for vivid viewing even in bright sunlight. This innovative device is the first of its kind to incorporate a resistive type touch screen that incorporates an active LED technology.

The Samsung LCD TV can also be connected to the iPod and this allows it to be used as a media player. The LCD TV has a built-in pass-through jack and the connection is guaranteed to last through five years. The Samsung LCD TV has built-in digital audio as well as a pass-through speaker port. Other features include built-in wireless connection, VGA output, THX quality, Picture-In-Color, 3D, Dolby Digital, and DTS HD.

The Samsung LCD TV is also compatible with the iPad, an innovative tablet computer from Apple. With the iPad, you can view videos and music while you are working on the on-screen keyboard or the computer itself. You can also use the iPad to surf the Internet using its WebKit browser. While watching your favorite movies on the Samsung Panel PC, you can touch the screen and point the movie camera to watch instantly. The built-in external ac ensures that the sound is clear and crisp.

The Samsung LCD TV’s built-in image sensor measures the distance between the TV’s monitor and the sensor and this is used to determine the display resolution. The built-in speakers let you enjoy high quality audio while watching movies or any other media. The built-in digital video recorder also records onto mini DVD discs. The built-in flash drive stores all the movies that you have watched so you do not have to repeat the movie over again.

The touch screen monitor has no wireless connectivity but the built-in Wi-Fi Direct technology offers a wireless connection via Air Cards or USBs. The built-in speakers and microphones make the device even more convenient and it comes with a remote control. With all these amazing features, there is no doubt that you can make your life better with the touch screen IP65 monitor.