Benefits of Rugged Monitor Touch Screen in Woodbury, NY

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benefits of rugged monitor touch screen

When searching for rugged monitor touch screens, more is required than just high quality images. You must ensure it can withstand abuse and have a long operational lifespan.

Rugged touchscreen displays offer enhanced contrast, brightness and durability that works well behind thick glass surfaces, plus have greater moisture and dust tolerances than their non-rugged counterparts.


LCD monitors take up much less space and emit far less heat compared to their CRT counterparts, making them perfect for police patrolling cars and army vehicles that require multiple displays for command and control. Plus, their lower power usage makes them even more cost-effective.

Rugged display monitors stand out from their commercial counterparts with their high brightness levels – they feature up to 1,400 nits of sunlight-readable screen luminance for use in harsh environments.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen provides an unrivaled rugged touchscreen experience, responding seamlessly to finger, stylus and glove input even during rain or snow. Its industry-leading brightness, picture quality, abuse tolerances and environmental tolerances make it perfect for industrial applications; furthermore its durability ensures reliable operation even at extreme temperatures – making it an excellent choice for rugged vehicle PCs, ruggedized tablet PCs and all-in-one panel computers.


Rugged monitor touch screens require special consideration when it comes to durability. Rugged devices are typically utilized in harsh environments and must withstand rough handling and extreme temperatures as well as dust, moisture and impacts from tools or equipment.

Xenarc Technologies provides all-weather industrial touchscreen LCD displays designed to meet your human machine interface requirements. Our rugged industrial monitors come in sizes that span 7″, 8″, to 24″. Additionally, we provide resistive or capacitive touch technology and optical bonding as per project requirements.

LumiBond 2.0 rugged touch screens from our company feature an innovative design which eliminates air gaps between the touch screen layer and LCD backlight layer, improving durability while decreasing power consumption, as well as preventing fogging between touchscreen and LCD in humid environments.

Temperature resistance

A rugged monitor touch screen is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, from freezing cold to scorching hot temperatures and high vibration environments. The capacitive touchscreen also works effectively behind thick protective glass or coatings and works great as part of an electrostatic field to reduce air gaps for greater durability than resistive touch screens.

The Winmate 15″ IP65 Stainless ATEX Rugged Display offers advanced capabilities that enable it to meet diverse industrial applications. Its explosion-proof touchscreen, ATEX certification and stainless steel design offer safety benefits in hazardous locations; its wide temperature range capability enables it to function optimally across different climates while reducing downtime and increasing productivity; Sunlight Readability capability helps it operate optimally under challenging lighting conditions while its high brightness LCD panel reduces glare for improved visibility and reduced eye strain; mounting options include directly onto walls or inside an enclosure


Rugged LCD monitors are the go-to solution when it comes to human machine interface (HMI) deployment for industrial control systems, enabling operators to interact with automated machines in order to reach predetermined results in an organized process.

Rugged screens are engineered to withstand even the harshest of environments and abuse, such as drops from six feet high, extreme weather conditions, exposure to dust and water as well as vibrations, shock and extreme operational temperatures.

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Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 allows a touchscreen to respond seamlessly to finger, glove, and stylus input while protecting LCD screens from damage and fogging by eliminating air gaps between LCDs and touch-screens, thus keeping moisture away from reaching touch-screen sensors and increasing durability and reliability. Furthermore, its water immersion and powerful high temperature water jet capabilities make it an excellent solution for automation lines that require regular hygienic wash down protocols.