Month: December 2021


How a Large Touchscreen Monitor Can Benefit Your Business

A large touchscreen monitor in New York City can help you increase sales and boost your business. This growing trend will be the future of successful businesses. Metroclick is the leading touch screen specialist in Brooklyn. Find out how a large Discover A Lot More


Tempered Touch Screen Glass Kiosks in NYC Subway Stations

If you want to install a touch screen kiosk in your business, you should make sure that you have tempered glass installed on the glass. Usually, this will keep the machine from breaking, even if it is dropped. However, if the glass is broken by Discover A Lot More


Touch Screen on Mirror in NYC

While you might not think that a touch screen on a mirror in New York City is a huge innovation, it is indeed a fascinating experiment. The company’s representatives would not say if this is a permanent fixture in the city, but it is definitely Discover A Lot More