Industrial Touch Monitors

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Touch screen monitors have made a significant breakthrough in the industrial market and offer robust performance and enhanced display clarity. Touch screen industrial monitors are flexible, portable and highly functional. A wide variety of industrial touch monitors are available in the market that provide a great user experience and a clear view of the information presented. They are ideal for controlling various parameters such as temperature, lighting and ventilation and also offer an integrated user interface with a high level of user interactivity. These industrial touch monitors are ideal for all types of industrial industries that need to monitor all the components of the production process.

industrial touch monitors

NEXCOM APPD series provide standard definition audio and visual display for industrial applications which include production, control, and HMI. The APPD series is ideal for the application environment where regular monitoring is required for food and drug industries, thereby making maintenance easy for chemical and food processing industries. The APPD series offers five-wire resistive touch display and comes with four monitor sizes with a maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1080. Thin, 55mm thin and nearly imperceptible, the industrial touch monitors are available in all colour schemes and resolutions, including:

DVI-D Video Interface Monitor Adopts DVI-D technology that utilizes an analog signal for its video display. In the DVI-D technology, digital video signals are converted from digital information to analogue signals, using a pixel connected to each pixel on the screen. A thin, lightweight monitor adopts resistive touchscreen technology for a user-friendly interface that is supported by a durable, rigid and ruggedized housing. This type of monitor usually comes with an external USB port and a VGA connector. A DVI-D monitor usually has a wide variety of inputs such as composite, digital video, headphone and microphones. Its compact size and affordable price make it ideal for smaller-sized industrial applications.

Flexiglass Screen Monitor The compact, flexible screen monitors designed with a solid VGA shield and an optional shield that rides on the back of the monitor are called flexiglass monitors. These monitors offer a high level of visibility, along with anti-glare and anti-scratch qualities. They are perfect for applications where high levels of security and visibility are required. The flexiglass industrial touch monitors designed with a solid VGA shield and an optional shield that rides on the back of the monitor are called flexiglass monitors.

Flexiglass Industrial Touch Monitor Flexiglass industrial monitors have a clear, flat surface that makes them suitable for applications where ergonomics and visual clarity is important. They are available in both standard and premium versions, and are designed to offer a high level of resistance to scratching and crushing. Some IP 65 models offer an anti-glare feature that reduces glare from computer monitor screens. Some of the Flexiglass models also include a built-in, rechargeable battery.

Industrial Touch Monitor An advantage of the flexible touch display LCD panel, especially for outdoor locations, is that they provide greater usability than traditional, fixed-screen, resistive or sxga LCD monitors. In particular, the Plexiglass screen technology offers the best blend of viewing distance and mobility. It is important to note that the use of Flexiglass in this environment is recommended for sensitive, outdoor components. The benefits of the Flexiglass monitor LCD screen technology include: The use of Flexiglass, along with its protective shield, can prevent damage to equipment by extending the lifespan of digital equipment and improving its performance.