Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Touch Screen Antimicrobial Screen protector Without These Factors

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Touchscreens have become common in offices and other large industrial facilities. Touchscreens are also commonly used in human/machine interface applications within the office. The latest radiant technology team sought out only the highest quality touch screen antimicrobial liquid for all sized touch screen devices. The results are superb and far exceed our expectations.

touch screen antimicrobial

Intel Iris XE with the integrated antibacterial protection, is equipped to protect any touch screen device in high-risk environments, like the ones at the front line of a hospital or surgery. It is equipped with a built in sensor for high frequency sound waves. With an additional sensor you are assured of total electronic hearing protection. It’s built in camera to scan any surface for bacteria and other harmful microorganism. With the built in Scalar Energy Filter (SFF), you are assured of absolute quietness, while still ensuring full touch sensitivity. This complete package works in tandem to provide exceptional protection against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Our certified technicians are available to answer any of your questions. We guarantee that our patented Active Therapy Galvanic Silver (ATG), in the form of antimicrobial liquid, will kill any microorganism. These antimicrobial solutions are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our technicians use a two step process to make our antimicrobial liquid. First we use a carrier solution, which serves as a stabilizing agent to achieve the proper flavor profile.

Our second step involves drying the antimicrobial film at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Once dry we apply pressure on the surface to make a perfectly flat sheet. Finally we apply our exclusive Thermoform substrate and our product is ready to be installed. This revolutionary touch screen antimicrobial films don’t require a lot of cleaning after it’s installed.

The Toshiba Auris USB ACER Swift 5 sf514-55ta-70d9 models offer a smooth and attractive surface for a great viewing experience. The built in speakers ensure that crisp audio comes from your stereo system. The built in microphone with directional microphone feed eliminates background noise. This model is also compatible with most televisions and all portable media players including iPods.

The new Intel Iris XP Pro is also available in the market. With its integrated Intel i Hallow Point Sensor, users can easily scan their keyboard for any mistakes and then highlight those areas with vibrant, attention-grabbing colors. This high-performance mobile video card has two modes of operation: standard and turbo. The integrated HD camera offers users excellent picture quality.

We would like to introduce our third model, the Precision M Series from Aurasma. This full-touch screen product provides users the protection they need with the optimal performance needed by a mobile device. Made of a heavy duty aluminum frame and equipped with a rugged textured cover, the precision Series can stand up to the wear and tear of a busy lifestyle. It offers an anti-glare screen protector and a matte black finish to provide a sleek, sophisticated look.

This anti-glare screen shield works as a slip resistant, scratch proof and UV/UVB/ultraviolet resistant covering. Its unique self adhesive nature allows for easy removal. The silicone skin is firm and touch sensitive allowing for quick and effortless removal. The screen shield is also flexible, allowing for a snug fit on even the most difficult to reach areas. The silicone skin will also resist liquid absorption and will not leak or tear.

A popular accessory for touch screen monitors are touch screen protectors. There are several types available. Some are designed to work in conjunction with touch screen monitors while others are designed to be stand alone units. Some of the stand alone protectors are made of high impact plastic and come pre-assembled. These are great products to use if you plan to do a lot of traveling and are planning on using the monitor in environments where a touch screen monitor is not necessarily a first choice such as a flight simulator.

Some of the best known manufacturers of touch screen protectors are PEDI, Guardia, Neutrogena, and Littmann. Each of these manufacturers has their own line of products including screen protectors, mice, keyboards and monitors. PEDI is probably the most well known and respected name in the touch screen protector market. Their AMP line of products is well received by consumers both for its durable construction and high performance. Guardia and Neutrogena also produce quality products that are well received by consumers. Littmann is known primarily for its innovative and stylish designs.

There are some drawbacks to a touch screen monitor that may make them less desirable for certain applications. For example, because of the resistance to scratch and finger print exposure some models will be less comfortable to rest your fingers on. However, this is generally offset by the increased comfort of the silicone material over your fingertips which also reduces pressure sensitivity.